Deck refinishing in monsoon season

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This is one wet spring. People often say to me that they can’t remember a wet spring like this, but I can–and it wasn’t all that long ago. We outdoor contractors watch the weather like meteorologists, and we remember bad stretches of weather like elephants. In April 2013, we completed less work than we did in May of this year, but it wasn’t the rain that halted deck refinishing, it was the snow. It literally snowed a foot on every Monday for the whole month of April. It would dump, then it would warm up, the snow would melt, and we prepared to get outside and work again. Another foot of snow on Monday–repeat.

It can be frustrating when you depend on the weather for your livelihood, but sometimes we have to deal with bad weather and take a step back to look at the greater good. Every rain drop that falls in Colorado decreases our chances of wild fires when the summer really heats up. I will trade less work for less destruction any day. Staring at the Flatirons surrounded by bright green grass won’t get old either.

Working with rainy weather like this is a big reason we use Boodge oil based stains. It was formulated in the Front Range with our elevation and weather in mind. Not only can you stain decks with it at any temperature, but you can apply it with rain in the forecast. As long as the stain has penetrated into the wood, it can rain on the deck for days. So with that in mind, keep contacting us for quotes, we can work around the weather!

— Neill McKenzie, Founder

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