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We're passionate about wood restoration because proper maintenance creates both beauty and value. We strive to pass this appreciation along to our customers so they can make informed decisions that enhance their enjoyment of their home.

Deck Refinishing and the Weather

Spring is knocking at the door, so I thought it would be a good chance to talk about the weather. Once we start a restoration project, weather is one of the most common concerns. Our customers want to make sure the job is done correctly in optimal conditions. We may live in a dry climate, […]

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Hardwood Deck Refinishing

We do a lot of hardwood deck restoration work in the Denver Metro area, and even though the wood itself can last a lifetime, it can be tricky to work with. You may have a deck constructed out of mahogany, ipe, tigerwood, or batu lumber, but they all have the same three issues listed below. […]

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Our “Famous” Two-Tone Look

It’s often that older decks have multiple coats of stain that will prohibit our stain from penetrating and working. There are two good ways to solve the issue and make your deck look great. One, is to sand every surface on the railings and floor to bare wood, however sanding the railings can be very […]

All About our Boodge Stains

We have been proudly using our local Colorado stain for over five years now, and I can honestly say it’s the best deck stain on the market. It may have a funny name, but Boodge is all business when it comes to protecting your deck, siding, and fences. When I first heard about Boodge, it […]

Winter Deck Repair and Replacement

Winter is around the corner, and that means our refinishing and restoration duties are on hold for a few months. However, we can certainly do deck repairs and deck replacement in the cold wet weather. As long as it is sunny and over twenty degrees, we can work on your deck. What kind of work […]

Deck Refinishing in Monsoon Season

This is one wet spring. People often say to me that they can’t remember a wet spring like this, but I can–and it wasn’t all that long ago. We outdoor contractors watch the weather like meteorologists, and we remember bad stretches of weather like elephants. In April 2013, we completed less work than we did […]

Two-Tone Lattice Railings

Sometimes the vertical surfaces (railings and the such) on decks have a heavy coating of stain that will not come off with power washing alone. This leaves us with two options: sand all surfaces of every spindle and railing component–very expensive and unnecessary, or refinish the vertical deck surfaces with a solid color decking stain, […]

Beware of Home Depot

Home depot may be a great resource for inexpensive tools, lumber, and building supplies, but think twice before you buy their deck maintenance products. I’m talking about Behr and Restore. Remember those brands, and do not use them on your deck–you will be unpleasantly surprised. Behr is somehow touted by Consumer Reports as the best […]

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New Deck Master Site!

Welcome to our new website and blog! You can now find more information on our homepage without clicking around to figure out if we are the right company for you (we probably are).   We are also much more interactive with the addition of our blog, where you can follow our business, read exciting deck […]

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Spring is Here

Spring is definitely here.  I know it just snowed, and it might again (and again), but now is the time to start thinking about your decks.  This recent weather is a great example why Colorado is so hard on deck floors.  When you have large swings in temperature and moisture it can be really tough […]