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We have been using Boodge deck stains for over 8 years and our customers couldn’t be happier with the results. We’ve had a great relationship with Travis the founder of Boodge, and the quality has only improved with time. Besides our customers’ happiness with the product, we chose Boodge for three main reasons.


Whenever possible we try and support local Colorado businesses. Whether buying our paint supplies at Guiry’s, taking our old stain buckets to Resource, or buying our stain from Boodge Company, we believe in putting our money back into the Colorado economy.


Boodge works better than other stains on the market. It will never peel or require sanding and it will not turn black, it’s also one of the few true oils stains on the market. Most paint companies switched to an oil/water solution to meet new VOC guidelines and we don’t trust them. Boodge was already low enough in VOC’s, so they didn’t have to switch to a different formula. Boodge reduces maintenance costs because it never requires sanding. We recommend power washing and staining the floor every 2-3 years, and railings every 4-6 years.


Boodge’s beautiful stain colors look very natural against your siding, brick, or stucco. Many stain companies have ugly orange and red colors, Boodge stains always have a nice color balance that our customers love. Boodge also has a “flat” finish, which won’t get slippery when wet, because it doesn’t seal the wood like Sikkens or Penofin.

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— Neill McKenzie, Founder

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