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Colorado Deck Master has been proud to use local Boodge deck stains for over 6 years, and I can honestly say it’s the best deck stain on the market. It may have a funny name, but Boodge really does put all other deck stains to shame.

When I first heard about Boodge, it wasn’t easy for me to try and make the switch. We were already using a good product, and it was a little scary exiting my comfort zone. However, after talking extensively with Travis, the owner of Boodge, I felt encouraged and gave it a try. It was amazing, I was instantly impressed because of three reasons.

The Local Community

Whenever possible we try and support Colorado based businesses. Whether buying our paint supplies at Guiry’s, taking our old stain buckets to Resource, or buying our stain from Boodge Company, we highly believe in putting our money back into the Colorado economy.

The Science

Boodge works differently than other stains on the market. Instead of sealing the wood like other deck stains, Boodge penetrates and replaces the natural moisture of the wood as if it were still living. This allows the stain to weather in such a way that doesn’t require sanding. The continued maintenance schedule is power washing and staining the floor and horizontal surfaces every 2-3 years, and power washing and staining the vertical deck surfaces every other time or every 6 years. That’s easy.

The Beauty

Boodge’s beautiful stain colors all look natural against your siding, brick, or stucco. Boodge also has a “flat” finish, it doesn’t have a sheen like other stains. This is important because it won’t get slippery when wet, and it’s not sealing the wood from the outside.

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— Neill McKenzie, Founder

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