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Winter is around the corner, and that means our refinishing and restoration duties are on hold for a few months. However, we can certainly do deck repairs and deck replacement in the cold wet weather.

Deck Repair Before Boulder Deck floor replacement After

What kind of work are you looking for? Not sure? Here are some common issues:

Rotted Framing. Rotted joists are fairly common on decks built before pressure treated framing.  Sometimes on raised decks the rot is isolated to a few joists and we can just replace the bad ones.  On ground level decks, rot is more prevalent due to its proximity to the wet ground.  If you feel sinking boards in one area, you probably have rot on more of the deck.  Sometimes we can add a sister joist to really bad areas but this is a temporary solution and you should start thinking about replacement.

Damaged Floor Boards. Sometimes it’s not the worth the trouble to sand a deck if the wood isn’t going to look great afterwards. If the joists are in good shape we can simply remove the old ugly boards and apply new wood or composite decking.

Unsafe or Ugly Railings. If your railings are extremely wobbly or the spindle spacing is not up to code, we can help update the look of your house with some new railings. We can install all metal rails, or wood framed rails with metal spindles.  There are a few options to help modernize your deck, and we are happy to consult.

Contact us now and we can come by to give you an expert analysis.

— Neill McKenzie, Founder

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