Siding Refinishing

Protect your wood siding and your greatest investment with our beautiful and long lasting oil stains made right here in the Foothills of Northern Colorado. If your wood siding is aging and becoming dry and discolored, it’s time to contact us for restoration.

refinished garage door and sidingsiding needs refinishing

But wait, you might ask, aren’t you a DECK refinishing company? Yes, but our skill-sets translate into wood siding. We are better equipped to handle your house restoration than painters. Unlike painters who want to seal (or *gasp* paint) the siding with stains they’ve bought for decades at Sherwin Williams, we are using a local product designed for our Colorado climate that moisturizes rather than seals. Penetrating and moisturizing means uniform weathering and no peeling.

Our first step in restoring your home is cleaning with our bio-degradable/non-toxic cleaner, followed by thorough power washing to clean the pores of the wood. When your wood siding is dry we come back and stain everything by brush, and it’s important to note that we brush the stain on, we do not spray it. A penetrating stain needs to be worked into the wood and spraying it on does not do an adequate job (at least by our standards). If you think your siding needs some help, give us a call and we’ll give you a free quote.

We're committed to our environment

We love Colorado's mountains and streams as much as you do, so we protect our beautiful eco-system by using low-VOC stains, biodegradable cleaners, and high-quality / long-lasting equipment.

We'll make repairs before refinishing

Our skilled carpenters can repair your deck, fence, or siding prior to a refinishing job. If you're looking for structural repairs, full replacement, or new construction, we recommend our friends at All Pro Decking.

We offer specialty refinishing services

Do you have a refinishing need not mentioned above? Whether it's adirondack chairs, deck furniture, playsets, treehouses, or chicken coops, if it's made out of wood, we've probably refinished it.

We do commercial and HOA work

Our team can handle just about any size project. If you represent a commercial or HOA interest in need of wood refinishing, please Contact Us to learn how we can save you time, money, and headaches.

You'll the way it looks, we guarantee it

We aim to cultivate lifelong relationships, so our goal is to leave every customer 100% satisfied. If you have any concerns at any point during a job, you can count on Colorado Deck dcu for reliable communication and a prompt resolution.