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Often times when we start a new restoration, the deck has multiple coats of stain/paint that would prohibit Boodge from penetrating and working properly. We’ve perfected two ways to tackle the situation and give your deck the makeover it deserves.

One method is to sand every surface of the deck to bare wood, including the floor, railing, fascia and support posts. This is a great option, but sanding the railings and vertical surfaces can be expensive. Unless you absolutely need the whole deck a uniform color we have another more economical solution with a nice look customers love.

This brings us to our famous Two-Tone look. This begins with sanding the horizontal surfaces to bare wood, including the deck floor, steps, and railing hand cap. Then, we scrape and sand any flaking stain/paint to a soft edge on the vertical surfaces. After the sanding and railing prep is complete, the whole deck is carefully cleaned and power washed. When the deck has dried, it’s ready to stain. Solid color Cabot deck stains are applied to the vertical surfaces; and the floor and railing hand caps are treated with our semi transparent Boodge deck stains. We have a variety of time-tested color combos that we can discuss before staining, and you can view them here www.coloradodeckmaster.com/two-tone

— Neill McKenzie, Founder

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