Deck refinishing and the weather

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deck refinished with redwood water beading

Once we start a restoration project, weather is one of the most common concerns. Our customers want to make sure the job is done correctly in optimal conditions. We may live in a dry climate, but we still need to take precautions and make sure our hard work lives up to our high standards. The good news is, along with Denver’s beautiful climate, our local Boodge deck stains make managing the weather much easier.

Refinished deck with snow

Boodge is a very low VOC and environmentally friendly oil stain that repels rain, snow, and ice. While most deck stains seal wood from the outside, Boodge penetrates into the wood’s cells with a capillary action just like water. Boodge “moisturizes” your deck with oil, and blocks moisture from inside the wood rather than outside. This action also allows the deck to get wet immediately after application. Since the stain has penetrated the wood cells, the rain can’t enter and harm the finish. It’s a deck refinishing miracle!

Restred deck repelling water

Temperature is also much less of an issue with Boodge. Stains from Home Depot or your local Sherwin Williams have strict application guidelines usually requiring the temperature above 50F and can’t fall below 50F within 48 hours of application. To apply Boodge it only needs to be dry and sunny, and it can even fall below freezing the night after application.

Our superior weather tolerance allows us to finish jobs faster and more efficiently, and it allows us to work deeper into the season and complete jobs when other companies can’t. Most importantly, we know the job is completed correctly with the best stain and workmanship.

— Neill McKenzie, Founder

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