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With our refinishing process, we are drastically reducing future maintenance costs and giving your deck a beautiful new look. After we refinish you will NEVER have to sand like this again, your next maintenance will be in about 2-3 years when the floor and horizontal surfaces should be refinished. Every other time you refinish, or every 4-6 years the vertical surfaces and railings should be refinished along with the floor.

Our Boodge stain will never peel and it will not turn black, it’s also one of the few true oils stains on the market. Most paint companies switched to an oil/water solution to meet new VOC guidelines and I don’t trust it. Boodge was already low enough in VOC’s, so they didn’t have to switch.

Choosing the right contractor can be difficult, but here are a few things you can always expect from us to make your decision easier:

Excellence–we are refinishing experts, and we know what’s best for your deck. We deliver the highest quality product while reducing future maintenance costs.

Cleanliness–your house and yard will look as good as they did when we arrived.

Protected–we have liability insurance (which we’ve never had to use), and all of our employees have worker’s compensation (here too:)).

Friendly service–all employees are local, skilled professionals, who pride themselves on customer communication.

Workmanship–all floors and railings are stained by brush, please avoid anyone who sprays or rolls decks.

Quality Materials–we only use the highest quality Boodge and Cabot stains and the best lumber and cleaners.

Satisfaction Guaranteed–you only pay when you are satisfied.

Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Neill McKenzie

— Neill McKenzie, Founder

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