Spring is finally here

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Spring is definitely here.  I know it just snowed, and it might again (and again), but now is the time to start thinking about your decks. 

This recent weather is a great example why Colorado is so hard on deck floors.  When you have large swings in temperature and moisture it can be really tough on unprotected wood surfaces. 

As any resident knows, Boulder and Denver’s weather is quite unique.  Instead of having constant cold and snow on the ground in the winter, we have intermittent snow and warm weather.  That constant change causes the wood to expand and contract, and open and close the pores, which allows the surface to be vulnerable to the elements. 

Wood deterioration can be prevented by regular deck maintenance and refinishing—and here is where we come in.  If your deck is dry and water is permeating the wood, please contact us and we can find a wood restoration solution catered to your deck.  Go Rockies.

— Neill McKenzie, Founder

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