Deck Refinishing: Clean and Stain

weathered deck no stain left
The remnants of the old stain must be sanded from the deck floor and railing cap, and the whole deck needs a clean and careful power washing before we stain.

Refinished railings and deck floor
After sanding and cleaning, the deck and railing have been stained with Boodge in semi-transparent redwood. The next maintenance will be in three years when we will power wash and re-stain the floor and railing cap.

weathered deck floor
This deck also has some old stain left, so we need to sand it before starting over. Our superior oil-based Boodge decking stains won’t require sanding in the future, which means less maintenance.

restored deck with stain
After refinishing with Colorado made, Boodge in Dark Cedar, the floor looks as good as new. We’ll see you in three years for refinishing, without our sanders.