Deck Refinishing: Sand and Stain

1. The deck is coated with a sub-par Home Depot deck stain, and it’s failing badly. We’ll have to sand the floor and bench seats to bare wood, and prep the vertical surfaces for solid stain.

2. Since the vertical surfaces are too cost-prohibitive to strip, we’ll carefully prep them for a high quality, solid color deck stain. This will create a handsome two-tone look for the deck.

3. The vertical surfaces have been prepped for solid stain, and the floor and bench seats have been completely sanded for our Boodge penetrating stains. The whole deck is power washed and cleaned and ready to stain when dry.

4. The job is done! The vertical surfaces are protected in Cabot’s solid Oak Brown color, and the horizontal surfaces are protected with semi-transparent Boodge in Redwood.