Deck Refinishing: Sand and Stain

More often than not, a deck’s previous treatment – whether paint or stain – needs to be sanded off before we can refinish. Below is a common example of our two-tone deck refinishing process where we reduce future deck maintenance and give your deck a beautiful new look. You can also learn more about the process here

peeling stain on deck floor

The deck was previously coated with a solid color deck stain, and it’s failing badly. The floor and horizontal surfaces need a complete sand to bare wood, and the vertical need to be prepped for solid stain.

peeling deck stain

The vertical surfaces can be too cost-prohibitive to strip, so we carefully prep them for a high quality, solid color deck stain. This will create a handsome two-tone look for the deck.

power washed and sanded floor and bench

Here, the vertical surfaces have been prepped for solid stain, and the floor and horizontal surfaces have been completely sanded for our Boodge semi-transparent stains. The whole deck is power washed, cleaned and ready to stain.

refinished floor and bench

After we refinish you’ll never need to sand like this again, your next maintenance will be in about 3 years when the horizontal surfaces need power washing and staining, and 6 years when the whole deck needs power washing and re-staining

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