Deck Refinishing: Strip and Stain

Some decks are in such disrepair that they require a full strip and sand before any stain can be applied. Don’t worry, we can handle it!

peeling deck board

Unfortunately, a solid color deck paint was applied to this otherwise-beautiful deck. It needs to be stripped and sanded to expose the redwood.

peeling railing and deck floor

Home Depot, big box retailers, and painting companies often push deck paints and/or restoration “sealers” that fail horribly. This wood requires extensive restoration.

restored floor and railing cap

If you deck is suffocating under a paint or sealer, Colorado Deck Master can help. We specialize in restoring wood decks to better-than-new condition.

deck refinished

The moral of the story is: your deck may have been mistreated with a bad decking stain, but we can get you on the right track with a local product that will never need sanding. Just look at the difference …

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