Our “Famous” Two-Tone Look

It’s often that older decks have multiple coats of stain that will prohibit our stain from penetrating and working. There are two good ways to solve the issue and make your deck look great. One, is to sand every surface on the railings and floor to bare wood, however sanding the railings can be very expensive. Unless you absolutely need everything uniform there’s another economical solution with some nice flair!

This brings us to the two-tone look (it’s kind of a big deal, you may have heard about it). We start out by sanding the horizontal surfaces to bare wood, which includes the deck floor, steps, and railing hand cap. When applicable, we sand flaking paint to a soft edge on the vertical surfaces, like railing spindles and deck fascia. After the sanding is complete, we clean with our bio-degradable/non-toxic mildew treatment, and finish with power washing to free the wood pores of dust and dirt. After the deck has dried, we return to stain the vertical surfaces with the solid color deck stain, and the horizontal surfaces with our semi transparent Boodge deck stains. This completes the modern two-tone deck.

Wait, you might ask, why won’t you apply a solid stain to the floor but you will on the railing? Great question. The horizontal surfaces take the brunt Mother Nature’s wrath, they get blasted with UV rays, and moisture sits on them for weeks in the winter. So, we want to make sure the horizontal surfaces are treated with a stain that protects from within the wood and will never peel. Vertical surface coatings last much longer no matter what they are (within reason), so we don’t mind applying a high quality opaque stain. Check out the pictures in our gallery below, it looks great and speaks for itself!